Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time's A Wasting!

When oh when will life slow down for a few?!?! First off, Baby Camera Happy is 25 weeks 3 days today.
My belly is protruding quite a bit more now, I think little one had a growth spurt this week. We had our 20 week anatomy scan, and baby is measuring right on track, and is quite playful! She continuously kicked the u/s wand on my belly as the tech moved it around, and we even got to see her stick her tongue out at us! She's also quite the diva, as her foot was in front of her face, one hand under her chin, and the other hand behind her head. It was adorable, and we love her to bits and pieces already!

In more recent news, we are moving! We found a great old apartment (it's in a big old house that's split into 3 apartments). 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, we get a parking spot in the garage, and the best part? It has a huge fenced in yard and deck, so Riley can be outside playing with the upstairs neighbors dog. We met them on Monday when we did our final walkthrough, and both the neighbors and their dogs seem great! Our moving date is set for October 15th! So there is a lot to be done in a short time span. But it'll be worth it to have a nice separate nursery for Baby Camera Happy to enjoy :) Will post pictures of apartment when we move in, and then as we update it :)

Past events? My birthday was yesterday! DH and I celebrated by staying in, eating chinese food, packing, and watching TV.
Upcoming events?
 - October 12 - My glucose challenge test! Wish me luck!
-October 15 - Moving day!
 - October 16 - Maternity Photo Shoot
 - October 23 - My best friends baby shower (she's due on December 27th!)
 - November 6th, my family baby shower
- November 13 - My friends shower
 - November 18th - BREAKING DAWN PART 1! Can't wait :)

Check In:

  • How far along?: 25 weeks 3 days
  • Total weight gain: I was up 15 lbs at my last OB appt.
  • How big is baby?: Little one is the size of an eggplant this week
  • Maternity clothes?:A Million times yes. I don't think my tummy will fit into normal clothes for a while!
  • Movement: Baby is a party animal. She's relatively motionless when I'm up and walking around, but when I lay down to fall asleep she starts kicking, and if I'm sitting and eating she kicks as well.
  • Stretch marks?: Not yet! Fingers crossed!
  • Sleep?: I am still tired all the time. I fall asleep with no problems at strange hours.
  • Symptoms?: Nausea has stayed away pretty well. I have troubles bending over to tie shoes or put on pants or socks. I grunt like an old man when getting into or out of my car. I feel kind of like a turtle, and have begun to master to art of rolling off things when I need to get up.
  • Food cravings:  Changing all the time. My biggest desire the last two weeks is chocolate milk. I have no idea why, since I hate milk....

  • Food Aversions: Red meat still skeeves me out. And the smell of popcorn is enough to turn my stomach.
  • Belly button in or out?: Hanging on as an innnie by a thread! It's now very shallow, and wide. I'm glad I took my belly button ring out early on!
  • What I miss: I miss being able to go out for drinks with the girls, I also miss being able to go out. I'm always too tired to do anything.
  • What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to lots right now. I can't wait to move into the apartment so I can begin the nesting process. I can't wait until October 16th for our maternity photo session. Most of all I cannot WAIT to meet Baby Camera Happy.
  • Best Moment this week: Our final walkthrough on the apartment, and getting told by the landlords that they had absolutely no issues with us painting :)