Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Christmas Cookies of The Year

On December 3rd, I am having 3 of my good friends, their husbands, and their babies over for a small holiday dinner party. We have all known each other since elementary school, and will all have children super close together in age. I decided on my day off today to do a test run on a batch of cookies I wanted to make for this occasion! They are called Peppermint Kisses, and this recipe was taken from Family Circle Magazine. Start to finish it took me maybe 30 minutes to complete them, and they are delicious! If you like peppermint I definitely suggest trying these!

Finished Product??

Our New Casa!

Moving day on October 15th came and went. It was stressful and tiring, but the end product is totally worth it! The apartment is old, but it's cute, and we are doing upgrades to it that we were told we can take the cost off the monthly rent for the supplies/materials. First - a few before photos!
So, outdated and old fashioned, yes, but we love it! Here's a bit of the work we've put in so far :
 We painted the nursery before moving day! The color is called Luminary by Behr. Our nursery bedding is raspberry pink, brown, and orange, and we didn't want a typical pink nursery, so we went orange on the walls and love it!

This closet is right outside the bathroom on a half wall, and clearly visible from the bedroom. There is no door that we could get to stay up on it, so I made the green leafy curtain to contain all of our toiletries. 
We've done a few other things, but I have not taken pictures of all of our progress. We did however find time to put the Christmas tree up :)

33 Weeks!

Baby Camera Happy is 33 weeks and 1 day today.

My belly is protruding A LOT now and I feel HUGE. Like just swallowed a house huge. My lungs cannot expand, and just rolling over in bed or walking to the bathroom to pee for the millionth time in a day makes me short of breath. Baby girl is quite active, and she likes to kick and flop around, especially at bedtime. I cannot believe in under 2 months I will be able to snuggle my outside baby!! I passed my glucose test with no problems whatsoever, so it's been nice not having the added worry of that.  :)

Past Events?
October 22 - Our Maternity Photos

November 6 - family baby shower
November 13 - friends baby shower

Upcoming events?
-December 4th - Having a dinner party with a few friends and their babies 
 - December 9th - Work luncheon/baby shower
 - December 10th - Having another dinner party with a few friends
 - December 11th - Work Christmas party
 - December 25th - Christmas!
 - January 9th - First day of maternity leave!
 - January 16th - Baby Camera Happy's due date!

Check In:

  • How far along?: 33 weeks and 1 day
  • Total weight gain: I was up 25 lbs at my last appt.
  • How big is baby?: Little one is the size of a Honeydew Melon this week
  • Maternity clothes?:Oh yes. And I've upgraded to the full panel on my maternity jeans, thankyouverymuch. Got a bunch of hand me down scrubs from girls at work so that I should be able to make it through my pregnancy without having problems with work outfits.
  • Movement: Baby likes to have dance parties. Upside down dance parties, where her feet dig into my ribs and her head smooshes my bladder. She especially likes bed time!
  • Stretch marks?: Not yet! Fingers crossed! <--Still this! My belly is shiny and I have quite the linea nigra going though.
  • Sleep?: I am tired all the time. Not just sleepy, yawn a couple times and deal tired. More like falling asleep on the nurses station at work tired.
  • Symptoms?: Right now it's rapid pulse, shortness of breath, swollen hands and feet, and pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention continuing on with restless leg syndrome and heartburn so bad that I can throw up foam sometimes. FUN!!!!!
  • Food cravings:  Popsicles. All kinds of popsicles. I can eat 12 freeze pops in a sitting. I especially love the Snapple Sorbet bars from Walgreens. They are delish!

  • Food Aversions: Seafood (which I normally dont' like anyway) smells so vile to me that it can induce vomiting.
  • Belly button in or out?: Still an innie, but it's completely flush with my belly.
  • What I miss: I miss having energy. I miss being skinny. I feel so fat and uncomfortable right now!
  • What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to meeting my little girl!
  • Best Moment this week: This week started my new, less hours at work due to pregnancy. Love it. It also put me under the 2 month mark in terms of due date!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's That Time Again!

Christmas cards anyone?? I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! It seems like a whirlwind since I got pregnant, and I can't believe in 2 months I will get to meet my sweet baby girl! Unfortunately she isn't set to be here by Christmas, so I had to find other ways to incorporate her into our photo card for the year.

Last year I joined the Shutterfly promotion for free holiday photo cards in exchange for a blog post. I was SO happy to see that they were doing it again this year. Especially since there were so many card designs that I loved. And I'm a big fan of the cards with multiple spots to put your photos, and Shutterfly did not disappoint in that department either!
Two of my faves were:
Flurry Of Snowflakes (available in 4 colors!)

This year I decided to go with this card:

They showed up a few days ago and they look amazing as usual. Shutterfly has never disappointed me with the quality of their photo products before, and this year is no different.

In addition to cards, Shutterfly has a lot of other holiday gift options! More and more people are going the route of personalized gifts :) 

Some of Shutterfly's Holiday Products available include:
FLEECE Photo blankets (how cool are these?!)

And of course my favorite:
Holiday Photo Cards! Go browse through their amazing selection :)