Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our New Casa!

Moving day on October 15th came and went. It was stressful and tiring, but the end product is totally worth it! The apartment is old, but it's cute, and we are doing upgrades to it that we were told we can take the cost off the monthly rent for the supplies/materials. First - a few before photos!
So, outdated and old fashioned, yes, but we love it! Here's a bit of the work we've put in so far :
 We painted the nursery before moving day! The color is called Luminary by Behr. Our nursery bedding is raspberry pink, brown, and orange, and we didn't want a typical pink nursery, so we went orange on the walls and love it!

This closet is right outside the bathroom on a half wall, and clearly visible from the bedroom. There is no door that we could get to stay up on it, so I made the green leafy curtain to contain all of our toiletries. 
We've done a few other things, but I have not taken pictures of all of our progress. We did however find time to put the Christmas tree up :)


  1. Hi - thank you so much for posting your picture of the nursery with the Luminary color by Behr! We struggled whether to go for it or get a lighter shade for our first baby's room, and we are looking at a very similar color scheme as you - the pink and orange combo. :) My husband and his bro are painting the room now and it looks fantastic! Thanks again for sharing!!

    1. I'm so glad it helped you out! We went back and forth on the paint color for soooooo long, and then I spotted that one. I was worried because the swatch looked really yellow, but was pleasantly surprised by the orange color it was when applied to the walls :)