Saturday, March 31, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

I was checking in on my blog the other day and noticed that I had gotten a comment from a fellow blogger Ashley from Keeping Up With The Joneses stating that she had nominated me for this award! I haven't received an award in quite some time because I was a bad bad neglectful blog-mommy! So this brightened my whole day basically!

Thank you Ashley!

So now, it's my turn to pass on this award. The rule is to pass it on to 15 wonderful blogs that you regularly follow, so here goes...

















The next step is for me to share 7 random things about myself...

1.) I hate tomatoes. I will eat pasta sauce, salsa, ketchup etc, but the idea of eating a raw tomato makes my stomach turn.

2.) After having my first baby and getting through the rough first few weeks at home, I'm already thinking I want another one.

3.) 9 times out of 10 I will not buy something that isn't on the clearance rack unless I have a percentage off coupon to use. I'm a cheapo

4.) However, when it comes to clothes for Piper, I splurge!

5.) I'm terrified to go back to work on April 15th, even though I will only be working 32 hours a week, and 3 days max.

6.) Im also afraid that I will have forgotten how to properly cannulate a fistula/graft.

7.) When I first found out I was pregnant I was hellbent on naming my daughter Harlowe. Scott vetoed it, and that's how it wound up as her middle name!


Thanks again to Ashley for nominating me for this award!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


They literally make everything for babies now. I have purchased and received gifts of things I had no idea even existed. And I love them. One such example? The Wubbanub. When I received this as a gift I kind of scoffed at it thinking it was just a silly gimmick to sell a pacifier for more money. But it's absolutely amazing, and a lifesaver at times. Especially in the car when I can't reach her to pop that paci back in!
 Now what the heck is a Wubbanub you ask? The Wubbanub is an Avent soothie pacifier sewn into the mouth/head/front of a small stuffed animal. It comes in a variety of different animals and critters, and is meant to make it easier for baby to hold their pacifier in. It is super easy to clean, and it's hard to lose or forget baby's paci anywhere you go.
Grandma was nice enough to purchase the red dog Wubbanub for Piper from Babies R Us. 
As you can see, Piper approves!

Piper seemed so enamored with her "Wubby" as we've affectionately shortened it to, that I decided to get her a second one, so one could go in the diaper bag and one could stay at home. I wound up ordering this one from

Cute and definitely helpful! A toy and a soother all in one. These retail for anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 from what I have seen, and can be purchased in stores at Babies R Us, and there is a very large selection of them on Piper seems to love them, and as silly as they may sound, they have definitely been worth the splurge!

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Total Re-Vamp

Last night I went on a bit of a bender fixing up this old blog. I missed writing in it, and now that Piper is getting a little older, I have a little more time to play here. So I changed up the header and the buttons and etc. I like how it came out! Plus after almost 3 years I'm not sure it's fair to still refer to myself as a newlywed. Plus I am 100% in love with being a mommy!

That being said, I've recently discovered two AWESOME websites for moms and kids!


Normally I am not a huge fan of these kind of websites, as they generally don't have anything that interests me, or the prices aren't as good as one is made to believe. However on both of those sites They have had HUGE blowout sales where I was able to get great merchandise for us at amazing prices! You can sign up at the links above, there is no financial obligation whatsoever!

My latest NON-baby oriented snags?
$6.50 at Totsy Blowout Sale

$6.75 at Totsy Blowout sale

Totsy's blowout sale is still going on for another couple days, but items are moving FAST!

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I leave you with.....
A picture of a small, giggly little girl!

Baby Product Rave! Crane Cool Mist Humidifier!

When I first found out that I was pregnant, after the initial shock and doctors appointments and ultrasounds started tapering off and I became REALLY pregnant I began researching baby products. This became like a sick addiction to me, and I would spend hours at a time doing it, all while eating Freeze Pops by the truckload.
I had no idea that a humidifier was a recommended item for a new baby! After doing my research I came across the Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers. Not only are they affordable they are ridiculously cute. They have a variety of shapes and colors and animals. Sticking with our nursery theme we wound up purchasing this one on
Mr Owl here provides moisture for nasal congestion, dry skin and cough, and sinus irritation. It is also super easy to fill, assemble, and start using, and is able to run on plain old tap water, although me being the nutcase that I am we use distilled water. This unit is quiet enough where it won't disturb sleep or make really freaky loud gurgling noises, and provides a minimum of 11 hours of moisture. The mist output can be controlled with the knob on the front of the unit, and when the water runs out, it has it's own safety shut-off feature!

If you can't tell I love the humidifier.

But as with anything, even the best products have a dud now and again. My first unit worked for about a week before it stopped producing mist. I was sad and disappointed in it's life span, so I decided to e-mail Crane's customer service department in my post partum wacky hormonal stage. Within a day they were back to me, and shipping a brand new unit my way, as we were still under warranty. 2 days after that initial e-mail, my new unit arrived via UPS. It's been going strong for 2 months now without a hitch! Their customer service team was amazing and helpful, and it's definitely nice to see a company that strives to keep their customers satisfied.

You can purchase these humidifiers at Babies R Us, Target, Home Depot, etc, however your best variety will be purchasing online!  One unit will run you about $40, but it's $40 well worth it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Months? Already?!

My daughter is almost 10 weeks old! HOW did time move so fast? It's been a learning experience for sure, but I am loving every second of mommyhood. She recently began sleeping pretty solid through the night, which has been amazing for my mental health!
2 Months and rocking the air guitar'

Not much time to update today, but I will be updating soon with some useful information on baby products, mommyhood, and everything in between.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Being half irish and all, St Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays. Not only is my favorite color (kelly green) EVERYWHERE, but I don't feel guilty drinking a Guinness in the middle of the day. Piper decided she needed to celebrate her St. Patrick's Day in style!
I'm glad I have such a fabulous little model at such a young age!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!!
 Piper likes her bottle too ;)