Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Total Re-Vamp

Last night I went on a bit of a bender fixing up this old blog. I missed writing in it, and now that Piper is getting a little older, I have a little more time to play here. So I changed up the header and the buttons and etc. I like how it came out! Plus after almost 3 years I'm not sure it's fair to still refer to myself as a newlywed. Plus I am 100% in love with being a mommy!

That being said, I've recently discovered two AWESOME websites for moms and kids!


Normally I am not a huge fan of these kind of websites, as they generally don't have anything that interests me, or the prices aren't as good as one is made to believe. However on both of those sites They have had HUGE blowout sales where I was able to get great merchandise for us at amazing prices! You can sign up at the links above, there is no financial obligation whatsoever!

My latest NON-baby oriented snags?
$6.50 at Totsy Blowout Sale

$6.75 at Totsy Blowout sale

Totsy's blowout sale is still going on for another couple days, but items are moving FAST!

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I leave you with.....
A picture of a small, giggly little girl!


  1. Well, I can't compare since I'm a brand-new follower, but I think it looks great! And I love your little cutie!! ;)

    Happy Hour Projects

  2. OMG She is ADORABLE!! I love Totsy as well, I'm glad you found something for you too. Mommy needs to splurge on herself every once in a while! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back!

  3. LOVE the two pairs of shoes! they are so bright - I love them! Your little girl is adorable! thanks for visiting my blog!! :)