Wednesday, March 28, 2012


They literally make everything for babies now. I have purchased and received gifts of things I had no idea even existed. And I love them. One such example? The Wubbanub. When I received this as a gift I kind of scoffed at it thinking it was just a silly gimmick to sell a pacifier for more money. But it's absolutely amazing, and a lifesaver at times. Especially in the car when I can't reach her to pop that paci back in!
 Now what the heck is a Wubbanub you ask? The Wubbanub is an Avent soothie pacifier sewn into the mouth/head/front of a small stuffed animal. It comes in a variety of different animals and critters, and is meant to make it easier for baby to hold their pacifier in. It is super easy to clean, and it's hard to lose or forget baby's paci anywhere you go.
Grandma was nice enough to purchase the red dog Wubbanub for Piper from Babies R Us. 
As you can see, Piper approves!

Piper seemed so enamored with her "Wubby" as we've affectionately shortened it to, that I decided to get her a second one, so one could go in the diaper bag and one could stay at home. I wound up ordering this one from

Cute and definitely helpful! A toy and a soother all in one. These retail for anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 from what I have seen, and can be purchased in stores at Babies R Us, and there is a very large selection of them on Piper seems to love them, and as silly as they may sound, they have definitely been worth the splurge!

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  1. My sister has two children (3 yrs and 3 months) she would love these! I should send her one :)

    Have a great day!!

  2. We had a couple super cute ones, but Landon only liked the nuk pacifiers, so he would never take the wubbanubs... :( They are precious though! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today! I'm excited to follow yours!

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  4. Very cute! I am about to be a new Mom so I always have my eye out for finds like this. Thanks for stopping by Cupcakes & Cucumbers - you might also like my motherhood related blog Blueberry Squash at

  5. We have the monkey! Connor actually didn't like those pacifiers so he never used it. I just took it out again after a few months so he can maybe learn how to grab it in his crib at night. If not, at least he likes playing with it and biting the sides of the pacifier and the monkey arms!

    1. Awww We never saw the monkey in stores anywhere! Piper just recently started chewing on the sides of the pacifier instead of sucking on it, but if she is in the car and there is no pacifier its the end of the world. haha

  6. I work in the NICU and we make our own version of these with burp cloths. I had no idea you could buy these, and they are so cute! Just found your blog and started following! We would love if you checked ours out!