Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Snow!

It's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not sticking much, but we shall see.

After today, I'm not entirely sure that dear Riley has seen snow before. When we adopted him from Chicago's animal control, they said they had picked him up a week earlier (so around April 14th) as a stray in the city. He was extremely emaciated, but he's a young guy, he was 6 months at the time we adopted him. We don't know that he could have survived on the streets over an entire winter.

Either way, we love having him, and today when I took him outside to see what the snow was all about, he kept snapping at the snowflakes, and trying to nom them. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Though I'm biased, and love my pup way too much!

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  1. Our Doggie was like that when we adopted. The shelter told us that she was well and it was "reverse hiccups" that she suffered...we think they did this just because they knew she was dying and we were her best hope. Doggie now weighs 21 pounds (around what she was supposed to weigh when we got her....she weighed 12 pounds when we got her). Glad your Doggie is doing well.