Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apples Apples EVERYWHERE!

Fall is rapidly descending upon us here in IL! Hoodie weather has arrived!

And fall means apples. LOTS of apples.

Me and my mother took my two nieces up to pick some apples at Homestead Orchard in Woodstock, IL yesterday, and they had a great time! Don and Barb are extremely kind and funny, and they had a delicious variety of jams and salsas in their shop! Homestead Orchard is a quiet place in the country to pick 20 varieties of apples, pie cherries, pears, and red raspberries. I'm looking forward to going back in late October to pick my personal faves : Braeburn apples!

We are making pie filling to freeze and turn into pies and cookies in the upcoming weeks, but even with doing that we have a ton of leftover apples!

This is the part where I'm asking for some help! What are your favorite apple recipes?! Aside from apple pie, and Kolacky cookies, we are fresh out of ideas!

I'm so ready for Fall!
(They had a lot of pumpkins too!)


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! I think my favorite has to be the vines...the angle and the colors are amazing! Thanks for the visit today!

  2. Apple picking is one of my favorite things about fall. We are going in two weeks to stock up on Granny Smith (for pies) and Fuji apples. We make apple pie filing and freeze them too. Love, love, this time of year!

  3. I am crazy about fall farms and pumpkins!

  4. They had such a good time that once we cook up all of these apples, we are taking them to a larger orchard that has hayrides and a petting zoo as well!