Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I swear I am trying to get better about updating this more frequently! 

My new job has been going amazing. Everyone is really nice, and I am learning a ton of things that I would never have learned otherwise. I've been workin on the 7 am to 330 pm schedule. The week of October 18th, my shift switches to 4 AM to 12:30 PM. Eeeep! I'm going to be in bed by 6 pm those nights I'm sure!

School started this past Saturday for the dialysis technician classes. I was AMAZED by the variety of people registered. HUGE range of ages, nationalities, occupations etc. It's really exciting. All of them are nice too, which is good, since I hate doing things like taking classes when I don't know anyone. 

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-8. It was just a typical day for me! Up early for work, go home, take Riley to the dog park, watch whatever TV show is on that night, and pass out. It was nice getting birthday wishes from everyone though! I always feel like if I'm not around at any social events, people will forget about me. Haha. At the dog park, a dog ran full force into my knees, while they were both locked. Needless to say, my knee that was already bad, is about the size of a grapefruit today. Thank goodness I got my health insurance through work already, so I can go get it looked at if it doesn't fix itself over the next couple days. For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, thank you for the birthday wishes :)

 This week is flying by! Friday night after work I have a continuing education class for my massage therapy license, Saturday night is bowling league, and Sunday I am having a small group of people over for a BBQ / get together since it's supposed to be beautiful, and my birthday decided to be on a Tuesday this year, which kills the going out aspect.

So that's what has been up with me! Sorry this post isn't more exciting. I plan to do a lot more picture posts in the nearby future!

How is everyone doing?!

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