Friday, November 5, 2010

Have I Mentioned....

Just how much I adore Swagbucks!?!
I joined back in May of this year, and have been stockpiling giftcards since then. Originally I was going to save up for a Wii Fit package, but I changed my mind not long ago. Today it happened
I placed my order!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens

Granted, it's not an expensive lens by any means, but it has had fantastic reviews from everyone I have spoken to. So I ordered it this morning!

Total Price: $99.85 gift cards earned through Swagbucks: $70.00

Leftover balance from old gift card won via blog giveaway : $1.06

Total cost for me: $28.79 

I could not be more excited! 

And Swagbucks has made it even easier to earn! They recently launched Swagbucks TV, where you can watch videos (and they're actually entertaining videos! Not lame advertisements) While you are watching videos, you may be randomly awarded with Swagbucks! My first day watching vids, I earned 15 Swagbucks within 15 minutes. And there are plenty of other ways to earn too!


If you havent' already signed up, why  not give it a try? I love getting deals, and with being able to earn all these gift cards, it makes it easier for me to save money :)

Click the link below to sign up if you are interested!

Search & Win


  1. Nice. I sooo want another lens for my camera. Have fnn using it and cant wait to see Pics

  2. I've heard this lens does some pretty amazing things! I'm looking forward to tinkering with it :)