Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tank

During my pregnancy I did  a lot of research on feeding, both formula and breastfeeding, to try and choose what was right for me. I decided to go with breastfeeding, as I wanted to pass all the antibodies that I could to my sweet little girl. And hey! It's free! Once it was decided, I started looking around at nursing clothing, and came across Bravado Designs website. They had a bunch of bras and tanks to choose from, which was refreshing, as all I could find in the stores was maybe one or two options. 

I decided to order myself The Essential Nursing Tank in Black.
Below pictures come from the Bravado Designs Website:

The Essential Nursing Tank comes in a variety of colors, and comfortably fits and supports up to a G cup size! Not only that, but I find it to be the most flattering article of nursing wear I found. 

What Makes It So Special?
1.) It's got a built in bra, but not one of those crazy scrawny shelf bras that generally come in tanks.
2.) It's LONG! I don't know about you, but after my c-section, aside from feeling like death for a few days, I felt FAT. The length on this was perfect to cover everything without exposing any inch of my poor abused skin.
3.) The fabric is able to retain it's shape time and time again.

Mine was a double whammy, as I was able to wear it while I was pregnant as well, and it never got all funky shaped and useless!

Right now at Bravado Designs you can score this tank for $49.00 in the basic original colors (white, black, and chocolate) and the seasonal colors are on sale for $39.00 each. Occasionally it will show up on Baby Steals. I believe I paid $24.99 when it was their daily deal, but they go FAST!

A little on the pricey side? Yes, but it's so worth it. I had to quit breastfeeding about 1 month in, but I still wear this tank if I want to feel slender!

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