Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Working On The House - Project Numero Uno!

So, living in my moms old house is pretty great and all. I lived here for quite a few years. I'm comfortable here, I know where everything is, and I feel safe living in the same neighborhood that I spent that many years in. However, (sorry mom) she has awful taste in many things home related. Her obsession with purple took over, and it's everywhere. We are starting projects in the house now, from small to large. So our first project will be to paint the hallway walls, ceiling, and doors (don't mind the banner on the door in the 2nd picture. It was on the door when we arrived at the resort for our honeymoon, and he wanted to keep it around. It won't last long! The other picture is a close up of the horrendous purpley blue paint that we can't wait to get rid of! We went and picked out our paint color today! (Glidden - Mid-Day Mocha) We are hoping to get started on the painting sometime this week.

Purple walls, get ready, because you are going down!


  1. Hi there.
    That is, in fact a great deal of purple. It's probably tough to make those changes, although I hope your mom is supportive. I can't wait to see how the changes come out. It's a ton of work, but I'm quite sure that hallway will glow with a change in paint. We just painted our long, dark hallway, and I'm in the process of painting all of the woodwork and doors which are a dark wood finish. The white is making a huge difference.

  2. She's a little sad to see the purple go, but she doesn't live here anymore, and knows we are just trying to brighten the place up a little bit. Our hallway is TINY, it's a little square, and there are 4 doorways in it, so it's like being in a cave with the dark walls. Hubby is going to prime the walls tonight, and hopefully we can start painting tomorrow :)