Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Beachy!!

After our honeymoon to Cancun, I completely fell in love with tropical/beachy themes. It inspired me to redecorate my office and use a beach/sea kind of theme in it! Here is a picture of the room:

To Do List for Office/Crafting Room:
  • Re-drywall, whoever put the drywall in this room did a horrible job. You can see seams and patching all over the place.
  • Take down Stucco ceilings, and drywall those too. This Stucco is AWFUL, and it must go.
  • Replace trim around ceiling and doorways
  • Change ceiling fan, that thing has to be 30 years old! The shades are white with little blue flowers on them. Maybe I can talk my dear husband into a fun leaf ceiling fan, or just get a plain white one and call it a wash.
  • Change out switchplate and outlet covers, they are currently a coppery color that I'm not a fan of.
  • Replace carpeting with hardwood (this will be one of the last things we do, but hubby does hardwood floors for a living, so it's only a matter of buying materials.) Plus, we want to do hardwood throughout the whole house, minus my massage therapy room and the bedroom, so it can definitely wait.

We will be getting rid of the piano on the right (since it was my mom's, we have no use for it, and she doesn't want it anymore) and putting in an old computer desk (once we're done refinishing it) to serve as my craft and sewing desk. This will wind up being another post when we start working on it, as there are a lot of changes to turn the old desk into a masterpiece. I don't have pictures, it's currently in my mothers basement.

We replaced the curtains with these:
From Bed, Bath & Beyond - $14.99 per panel
I didn't think to get that curtain rod with the starfish on it...but I may go back to get it.

We are painting the walls a sandy color, ones we like so far are:
Glidden - Oyster Shell
Glidden - Navajo Sand
Valspar - Riviera Dune
We have not purchased any yet, we are still deliberating!

I have lots of leftover seashells from our honeymoon, so I'm going to make a few of these, inspired by Linds over at  That's So Cuegly (Seriously her stuff is amazing, and you should check out her blog!)

I would also like to make a couple of them covered in blue (to match the curtains) and white feathers.
I guess it is time to break out the old glue gun!


  1. Very cute!! I noticed you are one of my new followers!! I just wanted to stop by and say welcome!! Hope you're having a great Saturday!


  2. Awww thank you muchly! I found your blog from Linds at That's So Cuegly as well! Hope your day went great! :)

  3. I'm interested to see how it looks when you're done! I love beachy rooms : )