Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rest In PIece... Trusty Glue Gun


I sit down to make one of my wreaths today. Plug in Mr. Glue Gun. He refuses to heat up!

Just when I get some ambition to finish something.

And to top it off, I was going to go by a new one, but the weather is so rainy and crappy that I don't want to go outside because the bottoms of my pant legs will get all wet, since I'm too short for 98% of the pants I own. I'm also very whiny today. Inexplicably.

I rate today as : LAME.

Minus the good TV watching coming my way tonight.


  1. Oh, no! Hate to hear it. Hopefully you canget out this weekend and find you a big bad replacement. SMile.Just thought I would stop by and say Thank you for being a follower of Tales from Bloggeritaville.Have a wonderful weekend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  2. Awwww thank you! I did go and get a nice new one, so hopefully I will buckle down and get some projects done now! :)