Sunday, November 29, 2009


I can't believe how fast this year has just BLOWN by. Next week is December. DECEMBER! How did this happen?!

I came home from work tonight to my wonderful husband steam cleaning the hell out of the few rooms that we haven't put wood floors in yet. The carpets look amazing, and I'm thankful that I have someone that will do that without even being asked! I was planning on doing it Monday, as I'm hosting a Girls Night In on Tuesday night with some of my ladies.

I went and bought my ornament for the Nestie July 09ers this morning before I went in to work, and I sincerely hope that she likes what I've picked for her :) I plan on putting it in the mail Tuesday AM.

I also picked up a couple ornaments for myself, since we have so few, and I don't want a nekkid tree.

I also went in search of a coat rack for our dining room (which is attached to the kitchen, and the backdoor of the house)

After determining I couldn't find one that I liked I wound up with THIS:

The wrapping paper I originally just bought because I thought it was pretty paper to wrap gifts in. After a couple minutes though, I decided that I may use some of it to spruce up this coat rack, so it's not so plain. We are planning on spray painting it either white, or a dark dark brown, and then I will decorate :) I love little personal touches.

Monday I'm planning on putting up our tree and decorations, which I'm excited about. I love all the extra color it adds to a home! More photos to come then!


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