Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Despite the horribly rainy weather, it was a great weekend in Galena, IL! The wedding got JUST enough of a break where they pulled off the ceremony outside, with some sunlight, and it went away soon after that! I had a fabulous time! Me and my hubby decided to go back there this fall for my birthday, because it would be absolutely breathtaking there when all the leaves are changing colors!
He took me on a few of the back roads of Galena to see the sights, and it was BEEEEEAUTIFUL! The photos aren't the greatest because it was rainy and grey the whole time, but I brought back a couple to share :)
Sooo much greenery, and hills and valleys!
PLENTY of cows hanging out.
Chickens hanging out by the side of the farm
Winding gravel roads
And who WOULDN'T want to live there?

Definitely looking forward to going back for my birthday this year :)


  1. They were cracking me up! We were slowing down in the car, and they were going about their day, but the second the car came to a complete stop, they all turned and stared at us! Makes me wanna pick up and become a farmer :)

  2. I happened to find your blog by blog hopping and low and behold I read Galena, Il! My aunt used to own a townhouse there and we stayed there for a few days. It was so peaceful and beautiful and we saw many deer. I hope to visit there again someday too!