Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you a book junkie?

How about a music or movie junkie? I know I am, and on the Swagbucks website I noticed a Special Offer link for a site called Swaptree.
How it works? Users sign up (it's completely free!) and then they add items to their "Have" list on the site. These items are ones you are willing to put up for trade in exchange for other items. You also create a "Want" list, where you search and add titles or items that you want. 

Swaptree then notifies you if an item you want is available for trade for an item that you have. The only cost to you is shipping costs, but Swaptree steps it up with the option to add a credit card to your account, and print postage straight from the website after a trade has been accepted! This postage label can be printed on regular computer paper and packing taped to a bubble mailer (you can gets packs of 2 that pefectly fit books and DVDs at the Dollar Tree for $1), and then all you have to do is drop  it in the mailbox and it's ready to go.

Swagbucks offers a nice amount of swagbucks when you complete your first few trades. I just signed up for Swaptree last week, and have completed 4 trades so far. The first trade I was given 100 Swagbucks. And then 40 each for the following 3 trades. That is 220 swagbucks just for trading out old books and movies, for books and movies I would rather have!

By using Swaptree I have decreased my carbon footprint by 35 pounds and saved $23 just by trading 4 items.

Be sure to sign up for Swagbucks first if you are not already a member:
Search & Win

Then click on Special Offers, and Swaptree should be along the top banner!

I received my first two items yesterday:
I decided to read Something Borrowed first and am about 5 chapters in :)


  1. I really need to get in the hang of the swagbucks thing. I don't get to read much unless its kids books and the school keeps sending those order forms home - yikes!

  2. Haha. When I first joined Swagbucks I thought it was a HUGE waste of time. The searches didn't pay many bucks, but then I found all the other ways to earn them, and have been getting $5 amazon gift cards by trading them in. I'm up to $40 in amazon cards, which is halfway to my dear hubby's christmas gift now. I'm hoping to get to about $60 by the holiday season, so I don't have to shell out a lot to get him a great gift :)