Monday, July 12, 2010

One Year Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Neither of us was able to swing much time off work to celebrate our anniversary. We both managed to get a weekend off, and decided to head 2 hours north up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the weekend. 
Saturday we woke up early to take Riley to the dog park for a little bit, before we dropped him off to spend the night at my mother's house. It is always so hard for me to leave Riley. I know it's bad, but I always wind up crying for the first half an hour after we leave him. I just feel bad I guess, and I love him to pieces!

We hit the road to Milwaukee at about 9:30 AM. Our first destination? The Miller Brewery tour! We drove straight there, and managed to arrive with perfect timing, 10 minutes before the  next tour was set to begin, so we looked around the lobby.
Then the tour started!
We watched a 12 minute video and began the walking through the brewery part.
Soooo much beer.
The above are decorations in the caves, and it was so neat down there!
Then it was time for some samples!
Hubby here is drinking Batch 19, which they told us was a pre-prohibition recipe, and it was DELICIOUS.
We enjoyed relaxing in the beer garden for a bit, and then headed back out.
We snagged a Milwaukee map from the brewery, and decided to check out Boerner Botanical Gardens, as we love Chicago's botanic gardens. So I plugged the address into my trusty iphone and off we were!
There was a wedding there that day, so we didn't get to check out a few areas since we didn't want to disturb any of that. Pretty wedding colors though! :)
After the botanical gardens we headed up to the hotel to check in and relax. I wound up falling asleep for about 90 minutes, and then we headed out for the dinner I've been waiting for!
I had read about this place on the internet, and we originally wanted to stay there, but opted to stay at a Hampton Inn, since it was closer to all of our other destinations. We had dinner here though and it was the best dinner I can remember eating! I had Shepherd's Pie and Root soup, and I wish I could have brought some back home with me!
If you love potatoes like I love potatoes, you must eat  here!
After dinner it was back to the hotel, where we busted out the year old wedding cake!
It was surprisingly just as delicious as I remembered it being.
After cake we went swimming, and then went back to the room to hang out and watch movies.
Day 2 will be a separate post, since I know this was painfully long!


  1. Happy Anniversary! and I love the pics and looks like you both had some fun.

  2. Happy anniversary! we used to live near Milwaukee, so thanks for my taste of Wisconsin for the day : ) looks like you're having fun...

  3. We did! We had a great time! We love to visit Wisconsin, bonus points since it's not super far :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you guys are having fun celebrating! I love that you were able to eat your cake! Ours melted when the power went out, so we were never able to enjoy it. Dang!