Monday, July 12, 2010

Crystal  over at Soup Baby passed this award onto me (on my wedding anniversary to boot!) Thank you :)
So now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me as well as pick 3 people to pass it on to.

1. I am like a little kid when it comes to going to the zoo. I get all excited and run around all day like a crazy person!
2. I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary this past weekend.
3. I am a licensed massage therapist, though I haven't had much luck finding places to work doing it. I'm currently trying to get a home based  business going.
4. I have never been to Hawaii.
5. We are hoping to have a baby in the next year or so. Not trying but not-not trying :)
6. I love my dog perhaps a bit too much. I generally cry a bit when we have to leave him for a weekend.
7. I am hoping to go back to school next year to get my CNA, and then eventually head on to nursing school after that.

Who do I want to pass this on to?!



  1. Congrats on the anniversary! Great zoo picks. skip cna and get to work at being a nurse - it will be better in the long run.

  2. Thank you for the award! Fun to learn more things about you!