Saturday, May 1, 2010


A few of you Nesties out there probably remember me hunting for a dress a week or so ago, and I came up with this super cute one :
Which I still adore and will for sure be able to wear repeated times!

But I found such a great dress, that I wound up buying another one. It was on clearance at JCPenney as well for $44.99. I had a $10 off a purchase of $10 or more mailer come in, so I used that, getting the dress for $34.99. Can't beat that! Annnnd here it is. I know it's dressier than I need, but it's so pretty that I had to own it!
 Color me excited!!


  1. This dress is very pretty. I may have to hit up JCP soon. I actually just got a really cute pair of red heels there on sale for $23!!!

  2. Mmmm shoes... My downfall! Thank you, they do have a lot of great sales and GREAT clearance going right now :)

  3. I loooove these dresses, the multicolored one is just stunning and what a great deal!! Now you have to post photos when you wear them =)

  4. I will for sure post picts when I wear it, as long as there are any taken! I'm usually the one taking the pictures. I'll be sure to bug my friends to take some!

  5. GORGEOUS dress!! You'll look beautiful in it! I have the same coupon for JCP that I'm going to use today. Unfortunately, not on myself though..gotta get something for my daughter! But she's worth it :)

    Thanks for visiting me today! Hope you have a great night :)