Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Desk! It's here at last. One big old computer desk, CHECK.  It is going to be a huge project for sure!
Check out that dust! And the lovely bubbles my dear nieces spilled all over the top of it. Definitely in need of some new drawer pulls and knobs. One is broken, and the rest are just ugly!
Here it is after a good scrub down. Which is all I could do today, since I just got home from work 20 minutes ago! I'm glad I started cleaning it before I went to work, or else it would have taken much longer. With the help of some water and some disinfectants, the bubbles and dust are no more. 
Next step: PAINT!
Hopefully I will find some time next week to paint it up all nice. Then comes the fun parts!


  1. Im curious, what type of paint are you using? I'm worried about using an regular oil base paint on a pressed wood laminate thingie. It'll just lay on the wood and not stick.

  2. Haven't figured that much out yet honestly.. haha. If I can't paint it, I'll find other ways to alter it. Was going to ask my hubbys advice :)

  3. This looks like it will be fun when it's all done. Did you get your magazine subscriptions? :-)

  4. I did! Thank you so much :) I love having magazines to read, and subscriptions make it more fun because I never know when they're going to show up :)

  5. I'm really thinking you need to prime it first but I'm not sure :-) Be sure to tell us how it works out!

  6. Talked to my hubby and he had me sand it a little bit, and then put two coats of paint on it. It turned out pretty nice so far! You can still see the "grain" of the "wood" a bit, which I actually think looks kinda nice. It definitely didn't cover over everything, and the first coat was reaaaaallllly light. :)