Monday, May 24, 2010

In A Yellow House - Photo Challenge, May 26th - Your Town

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Joining in the fun of the In A Yellow House photo challenge!

This weeks theme is Your Town - Some thing or place unique to your city or state.

I've decided on this picture:
It's not my specific town (although I did live there for a year!), but I LOVE this clock tower that they put up relatively recently, compared to the area surrounding it. 


  1. Ooo...YAY...what a GREAT picture...I will enter tomorrow; I just took some pictures of the college I attend in my town...Thanks so much for posting!! And I never got back to you, but the newest camera I got was the new Sony Cybershot; I HAVE to have a digital point in shoot in my purse at all times; my husband is in charge of the SLR!! :-D

  2. I'm the same way! I have a Canon Powershot A650 as my "fun" camera - aka the one that fits in my purse when I go out with friends. The DSLR comes out for special occasions, or when I just feel like taking pictures :) I've never tried the Sony cameras, but I've heard good things about the cubershot :)

  3. *cybershot. Apparently my fingers don't want to type ;)

  4. Great picture! Where was it taken?

    I put the link up this morning! It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with this week!

  5. It was taken a few towns over from where I'm at now, in the little old downtown section :)

  6. Great shot!!! I really like the perspective.